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Community Entertainment

Educational Digital


CEEDTV VR is a 360 degree virtual and augmented reality network

providing the latest in immersive content for the entertainment and

educational communities.  Soon to be streaming in 5G for VR audiences worldwide.

CEEDTV has been in the business of creating media for the last 30 years. We now present CEEDTV VR as the new platform for sharing immersive content to audiences worldwide.


Using VR in education results in a retention rate of up to 80 percent one year after lessons, compared to 20 percent just one week after traditional training.


CEEDTV VR and  staff now teaching virtual reality and 3D modeling in over 21 countries.


Over 50 years  of cumulative professional experience teaching media to professionals and enthusiasts.



A Musical Family

immersive content

CEEDTV VR Training

VR training center

interactive textbooks

Introduction to Theater 

Live Events

Angela Heanrs Gospel Brunch Flyer Advert



Using the latest VR and AR technology CEEDTV VR pushes the limit of new technology to inform, educate and  provide immersive experiences for its viewers. We were one of the first to push for non linear editing in the production of programming for  Warner and PBS affiliates and now we move forward into virtual reality.


CEEDTV  VR thinks outside of the box when it comes to telling a story for using the latest technology. The field of VR and AR is opening doors to future technological training and presentation.  CEEDTV VR provides these services to the community.


Immersive content is part of our focus. Our goal is to tell immersive stories that focus on sharing the human condition and stories that inspire and motivate others. Virtual reality helps us accomplish that goal.  Look at our recent work now on Oculus TV, A Musical Family.

A Musical Family in 360 Degrees


Dr. Spiva is currently a principle with CEEDTV.

He is a Fulbright-Hayes Africana studies scholar in religion with post- doctoral seminar studies in Egypt and Israel. As an entertainment industry professional, he has performed professionally in theater and television for the past 25 years.

Dr Derrick Spiva

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Elizabeth's experience as a visionary business woman and an educational leader spans 20 years.  Dr. Elizabeth's background as an academic leader is extensive. She was the Chair and Professor of the Masters in Managerial Leadership at the John F. Kennedy School of Management, San Francisco, California.

Dr Elizabeth Taylor

Creative Strategist Consultant

With over 35 years of experience behind the scenes in performing arts, Russell Leavitt has been engaged in production at both the professional and academic level. Russell has been exploring holographic technologies for the last few decades and is now creating immersive content for CEEDTV VR.

Russell Leavitt

Chief Technology Officer