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VR Training Center

MIM is currently working to develop this instruction for higher education.

Extensive immersive training in the following areas:

Storytelling Foundations

Theater and Film Methodologies for telling a Story

Television and Social Media Influences on VR

HMD's and their uses

The VR & AR Workflow

VR Formats

Planning for VR Shooting

Production Scheduling

Budget and Technical Considerations

Camera Considerations

Crewing for 360 shoots

Audio for 360

SFX and VR

Creating 3D Worlds

Lighting for VR

Audio for VR

3D Worlds and Virtual Reality

Stitching Footage

Format Considerations

Adobe Premiere and After Effects and VR

Final Cut Pro and Motion for  VR

Davinci Resolve and Fusion

Creating your Final Project

A COMPLETE IMMERSIVE training course in Virtual Reality coming soon! Stay tuned for more details

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