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VR Training Center

Virtual reality (VR) and its immersive storytelling capabilities are a rapidly emerging field of interest for theater performers, filmmakers, content creators, and anyone looking to learn, explore, and experience a world of new stories in a creative, new frontier of storytelling.  CEEDTV VR is emerging as an industry leader, delivering extraordinary visual experiences that are transforming the way we consume theater, film, news, and other types of content.

In the five-part Certificate in Virtual Reality Production, Our team, led by Derrick Spiva, CEEDTV VR Artistic Director, Russell Leavitt, CTO CEEDTV VR, and Al Caudullo producer VR/ AR Specialist & Storyteller at The 360VR Voice TV, and Max Taylor, Owner/ Engineer Desert Sounds Studio share insights on current practices and future trends in VR. Learn the insider tips and best practices you’ll need to perform in, direct, and produce compelling narratives in this exciting new medium.




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