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CEEDTV History
The 1980's

CEEDTV began its history of education and entertainment in the mid 1980's with successful grants to teach

youth and young adults performing arts, film and television production through summer youth programs specifically designed to not only provide educational opportunities but also to provide career opportunities as well. At one time, CEEDTV employed close to 200 youth and young adults for the summer to create television programming and theatre.


During this period, a charter school was created to teach the performing arts and education using the latest technology to teach using computer interactive software in the classroom. The classes were well received and students scores excelled through the new format of instruction. CEEDTV provided much of the in-class material to educate its students.

Through its sister company Media in Motion, the production arm of CEEDTV, Media in Motion employed locals and some of its students to create programming for schools and also children and youth programs seen on PBS and Warner Television affiliates in the United States through the year 2005.

CEEDTV and Media in Motion began work on larger projects for education and was commissioned to do principal photography for documentaries for major organizations like the United Methodist church and producing for the Urban Television Network and the Black Family Channel.


CEEDTV was awarded 2 Telly Awards in 2002 for outstanding documentary wok on the film series Heresy: Sinners or Saints, the look in relationships and the church in America.


CEEDTV was invited to Hanoi, Vietnam to present at the 2008 Expo for Technology and share its work with the Vietnamese people.


CEEDTV  was one of the first to bring new technologies to the educational world and explore the fusion of education and entertainment by creating engaging programming for its audiences. As technology changed, so did our company as we explored new avenues of communication using animation and virtual worlds as we have released immersive stories to educate and entertain.  We are also utilizing the world of animation and the creation of virtual worlds to help us achieve that goal.

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